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Cunard, QM2 Cruises

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Cunard, QM2 Cruises Cunard's next ocean liner, Queen Mary 2, will be the largest, longest, tallest and widest passenger ship ever conceived. It is fitting that this should be so, because Cunard Line has a long tradition of creating ships that command the superlative in comparison to all others. Standing beside this majestic ship at quayside, visitors will behold a structure as tall as a 23-story building. She will be over a hundred feet longer than the Eiffel Tower is tall, and over four city blocks in length. If she were afloat in the pool at the foot of Niagara Falls, her stack would rise over 20 feet above the rim.

For over 60 years, there has been a Cunard "Queen" sailing the oceans. Queen Mary 2 will be the first such liner built in a generation, and the worthy heir to the company's 160-year heritage. As envisioned in the artist's rendering above, she will embody all the thoroughbred characteristics of her forebears: the generous thrust of her raked prow, the stepped superstructure both fore and aft, the lean dimensions that allow for greyhound speed whilst traversing the North Atlantic. Seen from the outside, she will look like what she is: a purpose-built craft for sailing rapidly between points on the globe.

Within her hull, however, QM2 will hide a multitude of delights as spectacular and pleasurable as they are innovative and ingenious. Stepping aboard, guests will enter a realm of sweeping spaces and grand designs the likes of which have not been seen for decades. Passengers will enjoy a generosity of spaciousness that rivals or surpasses that of ultra-Deluxe small ships. Just 2,620 guests will sail on this 150,000-gross-ton vessel. They will stroll the broad, one-third-mile-long teak promenade deck that encircles the entire ship, stopping to talk with friends relaxing on traditional steamer chairs. They will enter a lobby that towers over three decks high, graced with a sweeping grand staircase and monumental works of art. They will travel in accommodations that vary from the merely commodious to the shamelessly extravagant. The standard cabins will measure 194 square feet, and most include an eight-foot balcony. In all, three fourths of the ship's cabins have balconies, and 77% are sea-view cabins. All the way aft, there are five Duplex Apartments overlooking the sea from two-story glass walls. At over 1,600 square feet, these include two levels, a private gym, a generous private balcony, and butler service. As on QE2, the accommodation selected by the guest will be matched with a sea-view dining venue. Higher categories will dine in grill rooms, and lower categories will share a truly opulent dining room, again towering over three decks high, with its own grand staircase and tiered seating to create both open and intimate dining spaces.

To fill the pleasant days at sea, onboard activities will be staged in a number of innovative and inviting venues. Seven multi-purpose classroom facilities that can be sized to accommodate differently sized classes will comprise a College At Sea, with expert instruction in a wide variety of subjects, such as computer skills, languages, art and wine appreciation, cooking, and more. An auditorium will feature a section that will adapt to become a full-scale planetarium, where star shows, courses on celestial navigation, and other visual spectacles can be presented. QM2 will have a large library, a bookshop, and a coffee shop. Like her sister QE2, QM2 will boast a true ballroom, with an orchestra for dancing. A magnificent Spa will include one of the ship's five swimming pools, and together with the adjacent Winter Garden, will provide a health, fitness, and relaxation area of over 25,000 square feet. Numerous smaller lounges, alternative dining venues, and specialized rooms will also welcome travelers during oceanic crossings and other fascinating voyages.

QM2 is being built in the Alstom Chantiers de L'Atlantique shipyard in Sainte-Nazaire, France. This is the same yard that built the France (now the Norway), Normandie, Ile de France and some of the other great liners of the past. At a total estimated cost of $780 million USD, she will also be the most expensive ship ever built. She is expected to enter service in January 2004.

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